Unpredictable Weather?
Predictable Shipping.

WeatherIShip automatically determines if your temperature-sensitive package is safe to ship, using real-time weather and mail-service reports.

Key Benefits

Ship smart

Reduce spoilage and waste

No more spoilt packages. WeatherIShip fetches the extreme temps for the destination up until the delivery date, and warns you based on your package's temperature tolerance. Need insulation? Need a cold pack? We'll let you know.

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Ship cheap

Choose the best shipping service

Not every package needs to be shipped overnight. WeatherIShip helps you choose the best shipping service for your package, based on the weather forecast and your package's temperature tolerance.

Delivery person
Ship light

Save on packing materials

We know that shipping to Alaska requires different packing materials than shipping to Florida. That's why we'll let you know whether you need to add insulation or a heat/cold pack to your package, allowing you to use only the materials you need.

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How it works

Integrates directly within your existing eCommerce platform.

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Occasional shipper or enterprise giant? We've got you covered.


Everything the occasional shipper needs.
  • Use WeatherIShip for single orders.
  • Check USPS services.
  • Package recommendations.
  • Bulk Orders.
  • UPS or FedEx Services.
  • Platform Integration.

No signup required.


Everything your business needs.
  • Use WeatherIShip for all orders.
  • Check USPS, FedEx, and UPS services.
  • Custom package reccomendations and thresholds.
  • Directly integrates with your platform.
  • Custom solutions developed for your business.
  • No order limit.

Billed monthly.

Additional per fetch cost may inccur.

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